Never be in the dark again

A Net Zero Energy Home (NZEH) is a home that is designed, modeled and constructed to produce as much energy as it consumes on an annual basis.

First and foremost the NZEH is an energy saving home constructed so well that you will experience comfort like no other home you have ever enjoyed. Super well insulated draft eliminating, air tight wall assembles and a whole home air comfort system makes NZEH really special. You will notice and feel the difference!

Of course Wrighthaven Homes has one of the first homes ever constructed that meet these exacting standards. It's worth visiting you will be impressed.

This special super efficient model located at 134 First Line Rd in Elora, Ontario has full off grid capabilities, including a 10KW solar power generation system, fully integrated so mush so that all energy used in the home is coming directly from energy created by the sun! It even stores its own surplus energy!

If you're looking for solutions to home comfort, healthy air, energy efficiency, energy independence and a home that exudes elegance and luxury in every way please visit you won't be disappointed.

Building the "Wright" home for the future today!



Net Zero Model Home Video Tour